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The County Administrator is appointed by majority vote of the County Board. Policy guidance is provided by the Executive Committee.

  • Serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the County under the authority of 59.18 of WI State Statute
  • Ensures that every county ordinance and state or federal law is observed, enforced and administered
  • Submits an annual County Budget to the County Board; provides an annual message concerning the County as part of this process; provides policy recommendations and analysis for Board consideration
  • Coordinates and directs by administrative order or otherwise, all administrative and management functions of the County government not otherwise vested by law in Boards or Commissions or in other elected offices. Works with elective offices in achieving the same
  • Appoints all un-elected department heads and members of certain boards and commissions, which are subject to confirmation by the County Board of Supervisors
  • Attends all County Board and committee meetings as required; Supports the County Board to include providing administrative assistance to the Supervisors and appointed Board and Commission members
  • Serves as Purchasing Agent and administers the Purchasing Ordinance and oversees respective contracts
  • Works with the Human Resource Director in carrying out the provisions of the Personnel Ordinance adopted by the County Board, including hiring , promotion and discipline of employees and labor negotiations; Serves as Chief Labor Negotiator
  • Reviews and approves hiring of all personnel in County positions; Reviews and approves all discipline and termination for all personnel in County Positions; Reviews and approves all requests for additional County positions; Review grievances and render written decision on same
  • Supervises and evaluates Department Heads working in a collaborative manner in achieving the goals of their respective departments; may discipline, discharge or suspend any Department Head
  • Works with the County Clerk’s Office in the preparation and distribution of the County Board Meeting Agenda and weekly committee/board/commission meeting schedule and agendas.
  • Oversees the CJCC/Treatment Court Coordinator to assist in staffing the Criminal Justice Collaboration, the OWI Treatment Court and the Drug Treatment Court