Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Circuit Court



PHONE: 920-674-7150
FAX : 920-674-7425

Questions about your court case?

For more information on any specific case, please call the Branch Office to which the case is assigned and/or the next hearing is scheduled. Contact information for the Branch Offices is as follows:

Branch 1 - 920-674-7178
Branch 2 - 920-674-7151
Branch 3 - 920-674-7210
Branch 4 - 920-674-7217

Family Court Commissioner's Office - 920-674-7192

For information related to jury service please call the jury clerk at 920-674-8631 
or review the information provided on the juror phone line and/or website.

The office of the Clerk of Circuit Court  manages the general legal proceedings and business operations of the Jefferson County Circuit Courts. The Circuit Courts have responsibility for all state, county, and some municipal actions as provided under criminal, traffic, family, civil, juvenile and probate law.   The Clerk of Circuit Court is case manager for all non-probate/non-juvenile cases.

Our goal is to provide superior justice related services to all participants and the general public. Please explore the accompanying information at your leisure and be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions for improving our services to you. If you wish to reach us by phone, our telephone number is 920-674-7150. Further information on the Wisconsin court system can be found at Wisconsin Court's website located at

E-MAIL usage: The courts are prohibited from accepting case related information via e-mail.  You may FAX your request if it is less than 15 pages; send it via U.S. Mail or another delivery service, or submit your information in person.