Register in Probate

Register in Probate/Probate Registrar/Commissioner
311 S. Center Avenue, Room 115

PHONE: 920-674-7245
FAX: 920-675-0134

Authorization and responsibilities for the Register in Probate are provided under Wis. Stats. 851-880, as well as Chapters 48, 51, 54, 55, and 814. This includes authorization for the filing, recording, and safekeeping of all probate matters, guardianships, protective placements under Chapter 55, mental, alcohol, and drug civil commitments under Chapter 51, and juvenile delinquency, Child(ren) in Need of Protection or Services (CHiPS), adoptions and termination of parental rights proceedings under Chapter 48.

In order to fulfill the statutory responsibilities contained in these statutes, personnel in the Department answer questions/respond to inquiries from attorneys and the general public, review documents submitted by attorneys and members of the general public for compliance with statutory requirements and accuracy, compile initial filing data and enter the data into the CCAP database, update computer data as needed, assist the public searching for information from probate documents, collect and calculate fees provided for by the statutes, monitor files for delinquency and take appropriate action to ensure compliance with deadlines and legal requirements, certify documents, appoint guardians ad litem and defense counsel when required, print and mail forms for the annual account or report for guardianships and conservatorships, and review the account/report when it is filed with the Department, and review and process attorney bills for payment. In addition, Department personnel retrieve files from the basement as requested by attorneys and the general public for research and genealogy purposes. The Register in Probate also conducts hearings in probate proceedings for admissions of Wills to probate, and takes minutes in Probate Court.

Helpful information about procedures, forms, etc. can be found at the Wisconsin Registers in Probate website:

The responsibilities of the Juvenile Court are also handled by the probate staff.

E-MAIL usage: The courts are prohibited from accepting case related information via e-mail. You may FAX your request if it is less than 15 pages; send it via U.S. Mail or another delivery service, or submit your information in person.