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About the Jefferson County Alcohol Treatment Court

Criminal Justice Collaborating Council (CJCC)
Established in 2014

In 2014, Jefferson County implemented the JCATC Program for alcohol offenders in response to the serious community problem of operating while intoxicated as it relates to repeat drunk drivers. There are 54 active drug courts in Wisconsin and the Jefferson program is focusing solely on alcohol as the drug of choice. The JCATC offers its participants the opportunity to break the cycle of drunk driving, to improve their chance of a sober and healthy life, and to contribute to a safe community while under strict judicial and community supervision.

This program’s multifaceted approach utilizes a team concept made up of the Judge, Case Managers, Defense Attorney, District Attorney, Probation and Parole and treatment professionals. It is a four-phase program and the intensity of services decrease as participants progress through the program. In each phase, participants must comply with routine court appearances, case management appointments – including office and home visits, treatment requirements and random alcohol and drug testing. Intensive case management is a critical component to provide support and monitoring, assisting participants in reaching their goals.  Treatment for participants consists of: assessment and treatment planning, individual and/or group counseling for substance use and other issues, regular attendance at community self-help support meetings, and assistance with education, life skills, parenting, financial and employment issues.

Positive reinforcement is provided for compliance in the program. A system of graduated sanctions and therapeutic interventions will be imposed in response to non-compliance. The average length of stay in the program is dependent on each participant’s progress as they move through the four phases. Graduation may occur within one year, but it could take longer based on the participant’s treatment needs and compliance with program requirements.