License Plates/Stickers

DMV services  by appointment only. 
Please contact 920-674-8630 to schedule a time to apply. 
Services not guaranteed without an appointment.

Department of Motor Vehicle Licenses (DMV)


PHONE: 920-674-8630
FAX: 920-674-7368

The DMV has contracted with Jefferson County to provide title, registration and registration renewal services.


We are able to electronically process basic title applications and vehicle registrations and issue license plates, decals and certificates of registration to most cars and light trucks.

Titles are printed and mailed from the DMV in Madison.

The County Clerk's Office DOES NOT PRINT TITLES OR PROVIDE DUPLICATE TITLES.  You may be able to process replacement titles, plates, and stickers online here.  Or contact the DMV local service center.

Plates, temporary and/or permanent, or license plate stickers are given to the customer upon completing the transaction.

In addition to the DMV title or registration fees, the County Clerk's Office charges a service fee of $10 for a renewal transaction and $19.50 or a title transaction.

Jefferson County receives $6 of the $10 and $12.25 of the $19.50 service fee.  These fees are set by the vendor and are non-negotiable.

Credit/Debit or Cash Only.  Applicable fees apply for credit/debit card transactions.

Vehicle Renewal (License Plate Stickers)

We offer plate renewals on cars, vans, motorcycles, mopeds and trucks up to 8,000 lbs gross weight. Please bring your renewal notice or your plate number when coming in. Plates expired more than 5 business days incur a $10.00 late fee. If a vehicle has been out of operation and the plates have expired, a non-operation statement (MV2116) must be completed and included with the appropriate fees. This type of renewal can be made through the mail or taken to a full service DMV station. If the vehicle has not been out of operation and the plates have expired, you must pay a full years' registration fee, and a $10.00 late fee. New plates will not be issued. The current plates on the vehicle will be renewed.