Marriage License Checklist

Marriage License Application Checklist

  • Schedule Wedding Ceremony Date
  • Make appointment with County Clerks office to apply for the license (appointment 5-63 days before wedding)
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • Bring certified birth certificates
  • Provide proof of current address where living last 30 days (if on drivers license that is fine)
  • If married previously, provide documentation of most recent marriage termination
  • Be prepared to state your Social Security number if one has been issued. 
  • Be prepared to provide Marriage Officiant information
  • Be prepared to provide wedding ceremony date and location (County + City, Village, or Township where wedding will occur)
  • Any persons who do not speak/understand English will need to bring an interpreter.  Couples cannot interpret for each other. 
  • Documents in another language must have English translation
  • $110.00 (cash or debit/credit) application fee.  (extra $25 fee if applying less than 4 days before ceremony)
***For detailed information, please visit the County Clerk - Marriage License Home Page.  For questions, please call 920-674-8630.