Name Change Scam


Barbara A. Frank, County Clerk, was recently made aware of the website, which offers assistance to newlyweds to simplify the name­ change process.

One of the services that they offer is a certified marriage request form at a cost of $4.95. According to their website, the purpose of this form is so that newlyweds do not have to travel to the county office that issued the marriage license to request a certified copy of their marriage license.

Clarification is needed in this matter since there is no charge to fill out the form to request a certified copy of your marriage license.  The form to request a certified copy of your marriage license may be located online at .  This form is located on the Register of Deeds link and provides the necessary requirements needed.  The fee for the first certified copy of your marriage certificate is $20.  Each additional copy ordered at the same time is $3.00 each.

The officiant performing your marriage must file the Certificate of Marriage within three days of the marriage date with the Register of Deeds in the county where the marriage occurs.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call the County Clerk's office at 920-674-8630.