First Offender Program

First Offender Program Director Julie Klusken 
PHONE: 920-674-7220

The First Offender Program is a program in which eligible persons can divert out of the formal criminal court process.  Participants sign a contract by which they agree to attend classes, make restitution, engage in community restitution work, secure needed psychiatric, alcohol and/or drug, vocational or other counseling.  They agree to take other appropriate measures to assure that they do not repeat their criminal behavior.  In return for the successful completion of the program, the District Attorney's office agrees to not prosecute, reduce to a lesser charge, or dismiss.

The public benefits from the reduction in re-offense, the monetary restitution and community service work received, and also the savings of court time and resources.  The participants benefit from the education and counseling received, as well as avoiding a criminal conviction.