Crime Victim Compensation

Who Is Eligible?

 An innocent victim who suffers injury from a crime.

A dependent or legal representative of an innocent victim who has been killed as a result of a crime.

A person who is injured while aiding a crime victim or helping a police officer.

A person who suffers a reaction from the death of a family or household member.

Persons who are injured in automobile accidents caused by drunk drivers.

What Must I Do To Be Eligible?

 The crime must have been reported to a law enforcement agency within 5 days of the crime. 

The applicant must file a claim within 1 year of the date of the crime.  This may be waived in certain circumstances.

The program cannot make any payment on a claim until the victim is current with court ordered child support or maintenance payments.

How And Where To File A Claim?


P.O. BOX 7951
MADISON, WI 53707-7951

TOLL FREE  1-800-446-6564

MADISON  608-264-9497

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