About Us

The Jefferson County Highway Department is responsible for upgrading, repairing, and maintaining 390 lane-miles of State Highways, including 100 lane-miles of Interstate Highway 94, along with 521 lane-miles of County Trunk Highways, and various Town Highways as requested.

Other specific areas of responsibility and activity of the Highway Department are as follows:
  • Reconstruct county and town highways including grading work, pulverizing of existing pavement, and placing of base materials.
  • Rehabilitate county, state, and town highways.
  • Pulverize, mill, and resurface county highways.
  • Resurface state, city, town, and village roads in Jefferson County when requested.
  • Perform seal coating and crack sealing on county, state, and town highways.
  • Remove snow and prevent ice accumulation on county, state, and town highways.
  • Perform sign installation and maintenance on county, state, and town highways.
  • Mark, fabricate, erect, and maintain all guard rails and reflectors on highways under county jurisdiction.
  • Clear and clean culverts and perform other related drainage work.
  • Maintain and replace culverts and bridges.
  • Maintain and repair all Highway Department equipment.
  • Perform welding for all Highway Department equipment.
  • Locate section corners under road surfaces for the surveyor and replace the disturbed highway building materials.
  • Issue permits to install driveways onto County Trunk Highways and to work on highway right-of-ways.
  • Consult with private individuals on installation of culverts and driveways.
  • Provide emergency assistance in times of natural disasters, such as removal of fallen trees or debris from highways and barricading of roads damaged by flood.
  • Support other county departments in completion of special projects that require Highway Department assistance.