Abuse of Elders or Adults-at-Risk

Abuse can result from self-neglect, neglect by others and/or physical, financial, emotional or sexual exploitation. The Jefferson County Human Services department investigates abuse when a referral is received.

Abuse defined... 

  • Physical Abuse is the willful infliction of physical pain, injury or unreasonable confinement. It includes, but is not limited to, beating, choking or burning, inappropriate medication or tying or locking a person up. It also includes sexual abuse, which occurs when a person has been forced, tricked, threatened or otherwise coerced into sexual contact against one's will.
  • Material Abuse, sometimes called financial exploitation, is the misuse of an elder's money or property. It includes deception, diverting income, mismanagement of funds and taking money or possessions against a person's will.
  • Neglect occurs when a caregiver's failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical or dental care results in significant danger to the physical or mental health of an older person in his/her care.
  • Self-neglect means a significant danger to an elder person's physical or mental health because the elder person is unable or fails to provide him/herself with adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical or dental care.

To report suspected Abuse or Neglect, call 920-674-3105 (This phone line is operated on a 24-hour per day basis)

To report suspected Abuse or Neglect by staff working for a regulated entity (nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care centers), please go to the Division of Quality Assurance link under Links of Interest.

Financial Abuse