Access to Family Care, Partnership and IRIS

The ADRC is responsible for helping people access publicly funded long term care services.  We do this by determining functional eligibility, facilitating the financial eligibility determination process and assisting with the enrollment process. 

After an assessment has been requested, the Aging & Disability Specialists use the Wisconsin Long-Term Care Functional Screen to assess the individual's level of need for services and eligibility for long term care benefits.   The functional screen is used to collect information about an individual's functional status, health and need for assistance for various programs that serve the frail elderly and people with developmental or physical disabilities.

Individuals who apply for publicly funded long term care must also be eligible for Medicaid.  Aging & Disability Specialists will provide applicants with an overview of the financial eligibility requirements and will assist with the application process if needed.  For more information about Medicaid in Wisconsin, please click on the following link     Medicaid in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Aging & Disability Specialists provide enrollment counseling to people who are found eligible.  They explain the publicly funded long term care system, fee-for-service and self directed support options that are available.  In addition to the Medicaid fee-for service option, there are three publicly funded long term care programs currently available in Jefferson County.  The Links are as follows: