Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do ADRC Services cost?

Do I have to come to the office?

Do I have to let an ADRC staff come into my home?

Do I have to give my name?

What happens when someone calls 920-674-8734 or Toll Free # 1-866-740-2372?

Can I stop into the ADRC without an appointment? 

What if I need assistance in a different language?

How do I get on or renew FoodShare?

How do I apply for health insurance?

What do we have available for transportation in the county?

How do I get help paying for my energy bill?

Where can I get help preparing my taxes?

I'm worried about my mother living alone. I suspect she's not eating and taking her medications as she should. What can I do?

Is there assistance for someone who needs help with simple household tasks or minor home repairs?   

I believe I have a disability and would like to apply for Social Security benefits. Where do I start?

I'm over 60 and wondering what my options are for prescription drug coverage?  I don't understand Medicare Part D and SeniorCare. Who can I speak to about this?

I'm disabled, under age 60, and am wondering what my prescription drug coverage options are. Who can assist me?

I have become the caregiver for my father who has Alzheimer's Disease and at times, I don't feel like I know what I'm doing. I think I need help, but don't want to be a burden. What can I do?

I need assistance preparing meals. Is there help available for me?

Are there homeless shelters in the area?