Abused & Neglected Children

The Child Protective Services (CHIPS) division provides services to children and families under Child in Need of Protection standards and CHIPS Court orders. Commonly provided services include child abuse/neglect investigation, assessment and case plans, parenting training, counseling, monitoring and supervision, case management and follow along. Also included in this division is the Family Development program, which provides in-home training for parents and families.

Reporting Concerns of Child Abuse & Neglect

Reporting Concerns of Child Abuse & Neglect (Spanish)

When Does Discipline Become Abuse?

When Does Discipline Become Abuse?(Spanish)

Children Home Alone

Children Home Alone (Spanish)

Jefferson County Intake / Crisis

Recognizing Child Abuse & Neglect

Responding to Child Abuse & Neglect

Every year the County Board makes a proclamation deeming April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.  The Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) Team takes part in a variety of activities to raise awareness regarding the reporting of and response to child abuse and neglect.  We typically staff booths at the Watertown Children’s Fair as well as the Fort Atkinson Share and Care Fair.  Our Division Manager appears on the radio for an interview with WFAW. On April 1st, the team will be placing signs around the community. The Children's Division supervisor team regularly makes presentations throughout the year with community partners such as the schools, law enforcement, hospitals, and the public bar association regarding the services Jefferson County Human Services can provide.  Every year we design and sell a T-shirt to raise funds for use throughout the year.  We use these funds to sponsor needy families for Christmas.  Other uses for the funds include gas cards for parents for visitation, sports camp sponsorships, signage, pamphlets, and supplies for both community fairs.