Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Service Facilitation

Each consumer is assigned a service facilitator who will coordinate services, and collaborate with the consumer to form a recovery plan. Service facilitators ensure the recovery plan and service delivery for each consumer is integrated, coordinated and monitored, and is designed to support the consumer to achieve the highest level of independence possible.

Recovery Planning & Delivery

Each consumer chooses a team of people to support them in achieving their highest level of independence. This team is called the recovery team and they along with the consumer and service facilitator create the goals and objectives for the recovery plan. These plans are reviewed and updated every six months. The plans are individualized and goal oriented. It will include components from the CCS service array. The consumer's chosen team is responsible for providing the treatment and services on the plan.


A variety of active treatment groups, community resource groups, and recreational activities are offered.

Crisis Intervention

CCS staff work in collaboratively with Jefferson County Human Services intake unit to provide 24 hour crisis intervention services.

Family Centered Treatment (FCT)

Family Centered Treatment (FCT) is an evidenced based viable alternative to residential, hospitalization, and other community based programs. The goal of this evidence based treatment is to keep families together. It is based on the belief that family members are independent parts of a larger system, each with their own view of the situation. Family Centered Treatment is provided through the Comprehensive Community Services program to assist families with accessing additional non-traditional services, focused on meeting family goals. For additional information regarding this model please contact Anna Falci, MSW, LCSW at: 920-674-8199.

At Jefferson County Human Services, no one will be denied access to services due to an inability to pay, and a discounted/sliding fee schedule is available.