Agricultural Enterprise Area

Agricultural Enterprise Areas

An "agricultural enterprise area" (AEA) is a contiguous land area, devoted primarily to agricultural use, which the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) designates in response to a local petition.  To have an area designated as an agricultural enterprise area, land owners and local governments must work together to develop and submit a petition to DATCP.  Designation of an AEA identifies the area as valuable for current and future agricultural use and may help to promote the development of agricultural businesses.

Selection and Designation of Agricultural Enterprise Areas

DATCP will review petitions and select AEAs for designation through a competitive evaluation process. DATCP expects, and welcomes, a variety of local approaches.  AEAs will be selected based upon the information provided by the petitioners.

For more information on AEAs, please contact Coreen Fallat  (DATCP)  at (608) 224-4625 or