About Us

Land & Water Conservation Department

Established in 1982, the Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department has been charged with administering State Statutes and County ordinances pertaining to the conservation and protection of our natural resources.  Anyone wishing further information on any of our programs is welcome to stop by or call.

The purpose of the Land & Water Conservation Department is to provide for the conservation and wise use of the soil and water resources of the County.  Various programs, activities and environmental concerns are identified each year, in order to carry out this purpose, as well as to fulfill a multitude of local, state and federal mandates.  Typical programming includes items such as: Information and Education, Soil Erosion Control, Farmland Preservation Program, Compliance, Food Security Act Cross Compliance, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Non-point Source Pollution Abatement, Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance, Manure Storage & Nutrient Management Ordinance, Livestock Siting Regulations, Land & Water Resource Management Plan, Potter's Field Management and various Resource Enhancement Programs.  Typical activities include items such as: recognition of outstanding cooperators, dissemination of soil survey and environmental information, maintenance and enhancement of digital and hard copy conservation data, development of conservation farm plans, engineering assistance, installation of conservation practices, resource inventory and evaluation, grant development, cost-shared assistance, tree planter rental, tree seedling reforestation and assistance to other units of government, and administration of the Rock Lake Priority Lake Project.