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The ownership database maintained by the department provides the basic building blocks for property assessment and collection of property taxes.  Title to all properties is determined by examining deeds and other transfer recordings in the Register of Deeds Office.  The ownership database includes parcel identification numbers (PIN), owner names, mailing addresses, site addresses, acreage, abbreviated legal descriptions and tax districts. Property assessments, classifications, special assessments and charges are incorporated into the database through submission by local assessors, clerks and treasurers.  Some of this information is available to the public under the Land Records Search portion of the Land Records Online web page.


Ownership parcel maps are maintained on the county's Geographic Information System (GIS).  These maps are available for viewing or purchase at the office counter.  The GIS maps can also be viewed at Land Records Online.


The office assigns all addresses for new homes and businesses that are located outside of villages and cities in Jefferson County.  The county-wide address system that was installed in 1984 starts at the southeast corner of the county with W100 and N100.  The numbers increase by 400 numbers per mile to the north and west.


The Land Information Office coordinates the Land Records Modernization Program. The program funds technology improvements to advance efficiency and effectiveness of county departments that use land records to provide services to the citizenry.  GIS and the document imaging system have been key components of modernization efforts. Integration of these systems with other county databases has made map, document and database information on land ownership, zoning, soils, topography, surveying etc. readily available.  Access to this information is available to the public via public access terminals at the courthouse or through the Land Records Web Services Internet site.