Mason Log Home Restoration

MasonLogHomeBeforeRestorationThe Jefferson County Parks Department is restoring the Mason Log Home that is located in Dorothy Carnes Park, just outside of Fort Atkinson. Historical records show that the Mason log home was built sometime in the 1850's. This date was confirmed through newspapers found on the interior plaster of the cabin.

One of the newspapers, The Republican, was found with an intact date of 1856. The Mason family lived in the log home from the early 1850's to 1868.

The family consisted of Elias Mason, Born 1784, and his second wife Lois, who was born in 1797. They lived in the log home with their three children, Elias Jr. Born 1836, Jeremiah born 1838 and Francis born 1839. Elias Sr. died in 1858 and his wife Lois died in 1865. Their son Jeremiah continued to live in the house until 1868 before moving to Fort Atkinson. Throughout Jeremiah's tenure on the farm, he kept a journal of daily events ranging from fundraising for the Civil War to helping a neighbor raise a barn. These journals are now on file at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Log_cabin_exposedAnother unique fact about the property is in the original deed, which was granted to Mrs. Mason on January 26, 1850 at the Jefferson County Courthouse. During this period of Wisconsin history, it was a fact illegal for a married women to own property. The issue of married women's property rights was hotly contested around this time, and the first law that gave married women in Wisconsin the right to purchase real estate in their name was signed by the governor on February 1, 1850.

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