Waterloo Regional Trailhead

Let's Build a Playground!

The Waterloo Regional Trailhead is a new park located in Waterloo, Wisconsin.  In part, the Waterloo Regional Trailhead serves as a community park to the City of Waterloo.  Both an indoor facility and a field for outdoor recreation provide the community with opportunities to host community events, private parties, and educational programs....  This facility would not exist if it were not for the dedication and hard work of its community members.  Several local business in Waterloo donated funds to finance the building of the trailhead facility and its exterior, in recognition of the fact that this facility will serve as an economic engine to the city.  

Parking: There are two entrances for parking, both from McKay way.  There is an asphalt parking lot with 28 spaces. The entry plaza to the facility features a covered bike rack and large kiosk.  The back of the facility opens into a covered picnic area with a spectacular view of the Garman preserve.

The Waterloo Regional Trailhead Facility is landscaped with ornamental and native trees, shrubs, and plants.  Knowlton Field is a level, grassy field in the center the southern half of the parcel.  it is surrounded by an oval track suitable for biking and for wheelchair use. The southern end of the property has an entry into the Garman Preserve, with a kiosk and seating adjacent to it.

The Trailhead is among a series of natural areas within the Glacial Heritage Area (GHA), and one purpose of the Trailhead is to serve as a gateway for tourists who are exploring what the GHA has to offer.  Established in 2009 by the DNR, the GHA is a network of parks, wildlife and natural areas, and historic and cultural sites that are connected to each other, as well connected to nearby cities and villages, by trails and waterways - like pearls on a string.  The Waterloo Regional Trailhead and the rest of the sites within the GHA are prime locations for recreational tourism.  

Find out more about reserving this facility for your next function by calling the City of Waterloo at 920-478-3025.

Existing Facilities - Parking lot, trails, shelter, electricity, restrooms, picnic tables, benches, patio, woods, prairie, grassland and wetland.