Latex paint (water-based paint) is not considered hazardous and can be dried out at home. Mix the paint with kitty litter or Oil-Dri until the mixture has an oatmeal-like consistency. If there isn’t much paint left in the can, taking the lid off and air drying the paint works too. Once the mixture is dried, toss the dried paint in your regular trash can. If you are able to get most of the dried paint out of the can place the can into your recycling bin with the lid off. If you are unable to get most of the dried paint out of the can, toss the can in your trash can with the lid off. Waste haulers will only accept paint cans during municipal waste pick-ups if they know it is dried out. 

How to dispose of paint properly

This method can only be used for latex-based paints. All other oil- based paints, stains, varnishes, and aerosol cans are considered hazardous and must be brought to a Clean Sweep event. **Details on these events can be found on the Solid Waste/Clean Sweep/Recycling home page.** Click HERE for a list of all accepted materials at Clean Sweep. *link list* Households and farms are charged $10 flat fee per car. Businesses are charged based on the weight and type of their material. Registration required. Call 920-674-7430 to register.

If you have large amounts of still usable paint, consider reaching out to local community organizations such as schools, after school clubs, theater groups, troop groups, religious facilities, animal shelters, etc. to see if they could utilize the paint.

Paint is typically not accepted at any donation or resale center.