Real Estate Recording

The filing or recording of various legal documents with the Register of Deeds office is a way of putting the world on notice that something important has happened or will happen to the rights and interests that people have in real property.  The Register of Deeds files, records and issues instruments and documents of significance to both the community as a whole and to its individual citizens.

Documents must conform to standard format requirements of s.59.43(2m), please see the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA) for more detail.

Legal Description Requirements 

As of November 11, 2009 the Jefferson County Register of Deeds Office implemented an automated tract index.  Previously documents were accepted for recording that were sufficient for indexing in a grantor/grantee system, but may not have permitted "ready entry" into a tract index system as per s.706.05.  Each parcel must include one of the following:

 Official name of plat as reflected on the original plat and lot, block, outlot or unit within the plat. If a parcel includes part of a lot or lots within a plat, a statement is needed to show the lots/blocks to which the description pertains.

Example: A parcel of land being part of Lot 6 in Air View Estates described as follows...                                    
Example: Lot 1 of Certified Survey Map 1430 recorded in Volume 4 on Page 323...

A statement indicating the section, town, range and quarter section in which the parcel is located. The statement could precede the "commencing at" description or follow it. This is needed even if the "commencing at" description references a starting point in a quarter section and section, town and range because the parcel could be located in a different quarter section and section, town and range than what is indicated as the starting point.

Example:  A parcel of land located in the NE ¼ of Section 1, Town 5 North, Range 13 East, described as follows...