Condo Requirements

The Condominium Declaration and Plat must be presented together otherwise they cannot be recorded.  s.703.09 (exceptions are: Addendums and Amendments) The Condominium Reserve Account Statement should accompany the Declaration and Plat.  s.703.163 The Declaration is recorded first.  

 s.703.09           Condominium Declaration 

  • Name is unique and exactly the same as on the plat
  • Name must include the word "condominium"
  • Return name and address
  • Parcel Identification Number (PIN) parent parcel condo is made from
  • Address of the condominium
  • Owners intent to subject property to condominium declaration
  • Statement of purposes, use & restrictions for buildings & units (not required for Small Condo as per s.703.365 Note: Small Condo is 12 units or less)
  • Legal description - must be the same as on the plat
  • General description of each unit (unless none are planned)
  • General description of  common elements including limited common elements
  • Percentage interest appurtenant to each unit (not required for Small Condo)
  • Voting provisions (not required for Small Condo)
  • Name and address of registered agent (not required for Small Condo)
  • Notarized signature(s) of declarant(s)
  • Drafted by statement
  • Unit numbers, (including any parking & storage units) same on declaration & plat
  • Legibility disclaimers on copies of plat maps if attached
  • By Laws may be recorded with the Declaration
  • Recording fee $30.00 per document. 

s.703.11                       Condominium Plat 

  • Name is unique and exactly the same as on the declaration
  • Name of condo and the county the same on each sheet
  • Recording space on first sheet  
  • Sheets consecutively numbered, sheet ___ of ___ sheets, if more than one sheet
  • Survey & Certificate of surveyor licensed in Wisconsin
  • Legal description - same as in the declaration
  • Plans showing location of each building located or to be located on the property
  • Plans showing dimensions of each unit (only outside dimensions required)
  • Common elements shown to be extent feasible - only limited common elements required for Small Condo

NOTE:Common elements may be described in a variety of way with letters, numbers and descriptive words but must include words "common elements" and/or "limited common elements"

  • Legibly prepared on 14" X 22" white durable paper
  • Unit numbers designated & unique throughout condo - 8 numerals or less - no Alphas
  • Recording fee $50.00 regardless the number of pages

Effective January 1, 2006 Jefferson County has implemented a condominium review fee of $50.00 per ordinance no. 2005-38. The Register of Deeds review shall be completed within 10 working days after submission of the condominium instrument.

s.703.163         Condominium Statutory Reserve Account           

As of 11/1/2004 any new condo and declaration should be accompanied by a Condo Reserve Account statement unless they are "Small Condos" meaning 12 or less units (may record for fewer than 12 units if they wish)

  • Record as a separate document (cannot be part of the Declaration)
  • It is not limited to residential Condominiums. 703.01(12m)
  • Recording fee $30.00

Addendums - modify plat                                 Amendments - modify declarations