About Us

This department functions under the direction of the County Treasurer, who is an elected official.


The duties and responsibilities and services provided by this department are set forth in Wisconsin Statutes chapters 59, 70 and 74, along with other applicable chapters.


Receive all moneys from all sources belonging to the County and all other moneys by statutes or County ordinances, which are directed to be paid to him/her.

Pay out all moneys belonging to the County only on order of the County Board, signed by the County Clerk and countersigned by the County Board Chairperson.

Keep a true and correct account of the receipt and expenditure of all moneys, which come into his/her hands by virtue of his/her office in books kept therefore.

Deposit all money received from departments and all receipts collected on a daily basis.

Oversees the recording of real estate and personal property tax payments made to County Municipalities, prepares and reviews tax rolls. Posts payments and prepares balance sheets for amounts due to tax levying jurisdictions.

Maintain records for professionals and the general public on back and current taxes.

Foreclose on tax delinquent property.

Performs all other duties required by law.