Pavers - Jefferson, County Courthouse

Jefferson County’s Veterans Memorial beautification project has moved into phase two with the completion of a walkway linking the sidewalk at the Northeast corner of the courthouse to the corner of Center and Dodge Streets, traversing the circular path that was installed in the summer of 2011.

memorialBrickThe new portion of the walkway opens the opportunity for additional commemorative bricks to be added. Bricks can be donated in the name of a Veteran or any individual who wishes to support this project. Businesses may also donate a brick. A 4” by 8” brick is $75 and a 12” by 12” brick is $250. Applications can be found on the Jefferson County website:

The beautification project was kicked off in the Spring of 2011 under the leadership of County Board Chair, John Molinaro, in commemoration of Jefferson County’s 175th Anniversary and in tribute to citizens who have honorably served their country. The entire project has relied on donations and sweat equity rather than tax dollars.  The first phase of the improvements was completed in August of 2011 and a re-dedication ceremony was held September 11th, 2011 at the memorial. The “Soldiers Monument” was first dedicated on October 12th, 1907 to the memory of the Jefferson County Civil War veterans. The monument was located on Main Street at the front of the County building until the new building was erected and it was relocated to its present location in the Northeast corner of the building.

The Memorial has long served as a location of ceremonies and photo opportunities. It is only right that the improvements and their cost be an effort by the entire Jefferson County community. The brick pavers campaign will allow families, businesses, and fraternal organization to honor the memory of those that served over our history. Some may want to purchase a brick because they want to support this project. Others may want to honor a member of their family by having their name inscribed in a brick surrounding the memorial. Any additional funds generated once all project costs have been covered will be used to benefit Jefferson County veterans. Complete orders can be mailed to the attention of the Veterans Service Office. Click here for form.