About Us


The people of Jefferson County are represented by 30 elected Supervisors from the 30 Supervisory Districts of the County. The County Board of Supervisors restructured itself according to the required reapportionment plan adopted in September 2011. Jefferson County is one of the twenty five counties with the County Board/County Administrator form of government.


State Statutes §59.01 Body corporate (1) “Each county in this state is a body corporate, empowered to sue and be sued, to acquire and hold, lease or rent real and personal estate for public uses or purposes, including lands acquired under ch. 75, to sell, lease and convey the same, including the authority to enter into leases or contracts with the state for a period of years for the uses and purposes specified in s. 23.09 (2) (d), to make such contracts and to do such other acts as are necessary and proper to the exercise of the powers and privileges granted and the performance of the legal duties charged upon it.”


  • Operates under the committee system and County Administrator form of government
  • Exercised through resolutions and ordinance it adopts
  • Adopts the annual County Budget and establishes a tax rate to support County services
  • Creates any County office, department, committee, commission or position or employment it deems necessary to administer functions authorized by the legislature except for the Office of Supervisor, Judge and those offices elected under Section 4 of Article VI of the constitution